There has been a lot of repair, replacement, and maintenance to several artistic items at the Boundless Playground in the last few months!  Here are pictures of just a few of those items.

These efforts have been made possible by funding under a Grant Contract with the State of Tennessee, Tennessee Arts Commission.
Friends of Warriors’ Path State Park has partnered with Engage Kingsport to make all these projects possible using $10,000 of funding!

We appreciate so many who have participated in the work made possible with this partnership.

Full list of items:
  • Repairs to Lion’s Narnia Braille Trail: Mr. Tumnus, Tumnus Cave, Beaver House
  • Repaired damage to 2 areas of the brick sculpture in the middle of the playground- bluebird beak, and Darrell’s nose, plus brick “Braille dots” that had been scraped away
  • Professional power wash/refinishing of Anderson Tree House artistic entry sign
  • Audio repair to Lions Braille Trail speakers

Thanks again to Engage Kingsport for your partnership!!