Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Bicycles are welcome on park roads and many bikers enjoy the paved path around Duck Island. There are over 11.5 miles of scenic and challenging biking trails available for public use throughout the park’s back country.

Fawn Loop was built as a beginner trail for kids and people who are just starting to mountain bike ride. This trail is approximately 0.80 of a mile and there is very little climbing but a great ride through the woods.

The WaHoo Trail consists of approximately 3 miles of lower to upper intermediate trails from Warriors’ to TDOT to TVA land and back. This trail was completed in 2014.

The other trails we have at Warriors’ are intermediate to advanced which gives the avid rider a great work out with a challenge.

All the mountain bike trails at Warriors’ were built and are maintained by volunteers.

Please note that mountain bike trails are also open to hikers, but hiking trails are NOT open to mountain bikes. Trail maps are available below, at the park website, and at the park office.

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