Day of Caring

A work day is scheduled in the Spring and in the Fall to maintain Darrell’s Dream Boundless Playground.  These work days are hosted by Friends of Warriors’ Path State Park and the Park Staff and sponsored by local businesses.

Our Fall Date for 2023 is November 18.  Come join us!

Individual volunteers and groups from civic organizations, schools, churches, and businesses tackle the monumental tasks of pressure washing, repairing and maintaining equipment, cleaning and repairing signage and interactive exhibits, and much more. In addition, landscaping, herb garden, rain garden, wildflower walk, creek and the entire complex’s grounds are maintained.

In the Spring, a workforce of close to 150 people donate over 750 hours. At the current minimum wage of $7.25 that’s approximately $5,500 just in volunteer hours. It is very important to Friends of Warriors’ Path State Park and Tennessee State Parks that all volunteer hours are tracked as it demonstrates the community’s support for the park and how staff efforts are augmented.

Tracking volunteer hours are also important when applying for grants.  The value of volunteer hours can be used to apply for grants that require matching funds.

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