Station 4. Aslan is on the Move

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Braille Trail Station 4 Sign

After leaving Mr. Beaver’s house, Edmund walks until he find the house of the white Witch. She forces him into her sleigh and sets off to capture the other children. However, Aslan is on the move, and this causes winter to turn into spring! As the air grows warmer, the frozen ground thaws and the Witch’s sleigh gets hopelessly stuck in the mud. The witch abandons the sleigh. Her driver ties a rope around Edmund and leads him away. 

Find the Witch’s sleigh just to the right of the trail. Then, as you travel along to the place where Edmund was taken, search for wildflowers and listen for the sounds of the murmuring water as it splashes against the rocks. Also, listen for birds chirping.

The walk turns right to a bridge over a creek. Turn right after the bridge to approach the Stone Table.