Station 3. The Beavers’ House

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While trying to hide in the wardrobe one day, the four children make their way into Narnia. They are met by Mr. Beaver, who hurries them along to the safety of his funny little house, built of mud and sticks in the middle of a dam across a river. The river, above and below the dam, is frozen because the White Witch has made winter in Narnia last all year long.

After a fine dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, the children learn that the White Witch may have turned Mr. Tumnus into stone as punishment for letting Lucy go. They want to find a way to rescue him. Mr. Beaver tells them the best plan is to join forces with Aslan the lion. Mr. Beaver promises to take them to meet Aslan at the Stone Table.

As they talk, Edmund quietly leaves Mr. Beaver’s house without anyone noticing.

Suddenly they realize that Edmund is missing.

The Beavers’ house is to the right, a few feet away. The pond above the dam and the stream below are completely frozen. You will find out what happened to Edmund at the next stop.