The Sensory Garden

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Sensory Garden Sign

Herbs have been used for thousands of years for their taste, aroma and healing qualities. Some also have special meanings. Parsley represents comfort; sage, wisdom; rosemary, love and faithfulness; and thyme, courage.

You are invited to touch, smell and taste the herbs in the raised beds.

On either side of the beds are rosemary plants, used for flavor and decoration. In front is mint, often used to flavor chewing gum. Inside the left or right beds are thyme, a favorite for many dishes; dill, which may remind you of dill pickles; basil, very tasty with tomatoes; and oregano, a familiar taste in pizza. There is also lavender with its lovely scent, sometimes added to soaps and thought to bring restful sleep.

In the center bed are several varieties of sage, used in sausage, and fennel, which tastes like licorice. Feel the lamb’s ear to find out how it got its name.

Which herbs do you like best?