The LionsTM Narnia Trail

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Braille Trail Station 8 Sign

The Lions NarniaTM is an adventure Braille Trail based on the book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. The trail is an easy wheelchair-accessible loop with eight exhibits that can be explored in 30-45 minutes. You will know you are at a station when you sense the raised bumps across the walkway.

Signs are located to the left of the walkway just prior to the raised bumps. The signs tell you about each scene and what the children in the story experienced there, using the large-print text and Braille. To hear a longer recorded message, including conversations of the major characters, push the button beneath the sign or scan the QR code beside the Braille plate.

The trail starts left from the sign. To reach Station 1, proceed to the raised bumps and find the sign to your left that tells part of the story. The theme exhibit is a few feet past the bumps. All the other stations will have similar layouts.