Donation Information

We welcome any contribution big or small you are able to make. On this page we will be discussing monetary assistance but just remember that is not the only way you can help. Please visit out Volunteer Opportunities page to see how your valuable time can be just as beneficial. 

Benefits of Donations

  • Donations made to Friends of Warriors' Path State Park are tax-deductible. Always a good thing to keep in mind during tax season!
  • You can choose where your money goes! If you want your money to go to a certain project or area of the park just fill out the form below when you send in your donation.


How to Donate

Check or money orders can be sent to the address listed below or you can donate via our Paypal account using Paypal or Paypal accepted credit cards. 




You Choose How to Spend Your Donation!

If you want your money to go to a certain area, program, or project at the park simply fill out the form below, or print it here to send in with your check or money order.